My 10 Greatest Life Lessons (So Far)

River Flowing Through Trees
Swim - Image: Jeremy Bishop
  1. Some of the most painful moments of my life came from putting my unquestioning belief in things that we made up. Rules. Boxes. Labels. Shoulds. Shouldn’ts.​

  2. Freedom came when I realized I didn’t have to blindly go along with these things and that if someone was going to choose the meaning of my life, it was going to be me.​

  3. Freedom came again when I realized that I could transform all of my pain into something beautiful.​

  4. Each of us has our own stream in this river of life. When you first step into the water, the current is gentle. But the further downstream you go, the stronger the current becomes. And this is terrifying until you realize that as the current strengthens, so does your ability to swim.​

  5. You were born with a hundred metaphorical holes in your heart. The pieces that fill these holes can only ever be found in your stream.​

  6. Throughout your life, there will be thousands of sirens tempting you to shore with the promise of comfort. But it’s the kind of comfort that leaves you empty.

  7. If you dare to stay in your stream, the current will pull you to all of your pieces. The pieces won’t always be what you thought they would be, but they will always be exactly what you need​.

  8. The pieces will not be handed to you. You will have to swim and reach for them when they come. These will be some of the hardest and scariest moments of your life, but the reward will be worth the effort.

  9. I use to be afraid of what I’d discover if I looked too deeply inside of myself. But with each layer I peel away, what I find is more love.​

  10. I’m yet to find something that more love isn’t the answer to.


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