Casting Shadows

Image: Sajjad Ahmadir

Just a costume, this skin
Look at me and tell me you’re in on the joke

But it’s all so serious

Entire lives ruled
by words and labels we created

Entire wars fabricated and fought
for what?

Anything to drown out the uncertainty
Anything to keep me from being with my self
Anything to maintain the illusion of control
Anything to avoid feeling my fear

We all contain the seeds of creation and destruction
We’re all made of darkness and light

I’m brave until I’m scared
And then there’s no one more afraid

I believe until I don’t
And then there’s no one with more doubt

It’s not easy to be a human in this world
With our innate polarity
And predisposition to thinking we’re right

We cast our shadows on others
And make them the enemy
Of a battle that can only be won within

Do Learn Grow ©2023 emilie hester