The Deep

under water
The Deep - Image: Christian Palmer

There’s a place inside of us that I call The Deep. I think most people likely give this label to their hearts because when something true and pure lands inside us, it leads our heart to swell and its beat to rise in our chest.

Why do things with no seemingly logical reason call to us? Why do they draw us in?

Some far-off place we know nothing about moves into the nearness of our thoughts and, for some reason, it has meaning to us. A new face crosses our path, a complete stranger, but for some unknown, they capture us in some strangely familiar way.

It feels like something that’s been lost for so long has finally found its way home. Something we’d never quite been able to put our finger on but that we longed for just the same.

I so believe that this life does its best to lead us to the missing pieces, to the things that will fill us up. But in having our eyes so focused on what the world says “should” fill us, we miss what’s missing, and then we can’t figure out why the “should” keeps leaving us so damn empty. It’s like pouring water over and over again into a bucket full of holes. Fill up the holes. Then fill up the bucket.

I am the most alive when I’m living in constant awareness of the deep place in me; when I’m listening to its groans and stopping to really look at the place or person or thing that for no explainable reason has reason to me.

I’m finding more and more that it’s those unexplainable things that I’m drawn to that come to mean the most.

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